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Welcome to Userveys!

Userveys is a survey with personalization tool. You will be able to connect with your visitors or end-users, collecting typed or video feedback.

Getting started is easy.

Signing Up

When signing up you will be asked for your Name, Email, and Password. Additionally, you can "Sign in with Google". Once this process is complete you will be presented with an Onboarding workflow to guide you through your first Survey creation.


You will be guided step by step through the different sections of the Survey Widget. You will be asked questions about the basic setup of the Survey, your personalization settings and finally a few more settings to finalize the behavior of your Survey.


Once you have been onboarded, you can then click on the name of your Survey to view details such as the number of visitors, visits and survey responses you have received. Additionally, you will see a preview and a few ways to add the survey to your site. First, you can use the link provided to allow your users to view your survey on a Userveys hosted page. This is the quickest and easiest way to begin collecting feedback.

If you are a more advanced user, you can use the code samples in the "Embedded" box to add the widget to your site and various methods to trigger the survey to display.

Wait for Responses

Once you have found a way to share your survey, you can then sit back, and let Userveys collect feedback in multiple formats for you.

Have more questions?

Email at support@userveys.com or in your admin area using the Help Widget.

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Getting Started

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